Printer Status Monitoring

The 'Printer Monitor' GUI module is a dedicated printer monitor allowing one to monitor the current number of printer jobs, the number of spooling printer jobs, the total number of printed jobs, the total number of printed pages, the printer data rate, the number of error printer jobs, the number of printer not ready errors and the number of no paper errors.

SysGauge Printer Status Monitor

In order to add the printer monitor, press the 'Add' button located in the top-left corner of the main SysGauge GUI application and select the 'Printer Monitor' menu item. By default, the printer monitor monitors all printers installed in the computer. Also, the user is provided with the ability to select a specific printer to monitor by using the printer select combo-box located on the main toolbar.

SysGauge Printer Monitoring Counters

In addition to the dedicated printer monitor module, the user can use the customizable 'System Monitor' module to configure user-custom printer monitoring profiles. In order to create a custom printer monitoring profile, select the 'System Monitor' in the left-side monitors view, press the 'Monitor' button, select the 'Printer Status' in the counter type view and then add one or more printer monitoring counters.