System Monitoring Actions

SysGauge provides the ability to specify a user-defined limit for each system monitoring counter and then play notification sounds, send E-Mail notifications and/or execute user-custom commands when one or more system monitoring counters rise above or drop below user-specified limits. In order to specify one or more conditional actions for a system monitoring counter, select the counter in the counters view, press the right mouse button and select the 'Edit Counter' menu item. On the counter dialog, press the 'Add' button, select an appropriate action type and specify all the required parameters.

SysGauge System Monitoring Actions

For example, in order to send an E-Mail notification, set the action type to 'Send E-Mail Notification' and enter a destination E-Mail address. In addition, the user needs to configure an SMTP server to use to send notifications on the options dialog 'E-Mail' tab. In order to play a notification sound, set the action type to 'Play Notification Sound' and select an appropriate sound file to play. In addition, the user is provided with the ability to customize notification sounds on the main options dialog 'Sounds' tab.

SysGauge E-Mail Notifications

Finally, SysGauge allows one to automatically shutdown or restart the computer when one or more critical system monitoring counters rise above or drop below user-specified limits. An automatic system restart may be useful as a preventive measure to free polluted system memory and triggered using one of the system memory usage counters or process memory usage counters. An automatic system shutdown may be required to prevent potential damage or data corruption, which may occur due to a critical lack of system resources such as the system memory or free disk space.