System Monitoring Profiles

The 'System Monitor' module allows one to configure a number of system monitoring profiles and then switch between profiles according to user-specific needs. In order to open the 'System Monitoring Profiles' dialog, select the 'System Monitor' module and press the 'Profiles' button located on the main toolbar.

SysGauge System Monitor Add Profile

On the 'Profiles' dialog, press the 'Add' button and select an appropriate type of the system monitoring profile to add. Alternatively, add an empty system monitoring profile and then use the SysGauge GUI application to customize the system monitoring profile for the user-specific needs and requirements.

SysGauge System Monitor Export Profile

In addition, the user is provided with the ability to export system monitoring profiles to the XML format and then use the SysGauge command line utility to load previously exported XML profiles to perform various types of system monitoring operations from batch files and shell scripts. In order to export a system monitoring profile to the XML format, select the required profile in the 'Profiles' dialog, press the right mouse button and select the 'Export Profile' menu item. Now, in order to perform a monitoring operation using the exported XML profile file, type the following command:

sysgauge -monitor <XML Profile File>